HUMAN CAPACITY BUILDING – Education, arts, technology, heritage

Amesea organize a new online conference from: 28 to 30 June 2021 Under the auspices of:

Conference Chairman

Prof.Dr. Saria Sedky President of AmSea

Conference Rapporteur

Prof. Dr. Samia Elsheikh

Conference Secretary


prof. dr. Ahmed hatem


Prof. Dr. Dina Adel


Prof. Dr. Samir Farouk

Prof. Dr. mohamed saleh

Keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Glen Coutts InSea president Prof. Dr. Steve Willies Vice president of InSea Prof. Dr. Sohil ElHarby Dean of al-jamoum college umm alqura uni. Prof. Dr. Saria Sedky helwan univ. Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hamed Dean of the faculty of art education Prof. Dr. Samir Raef professor at the faculty of education

Please send Payment Transfer by western Union to: Dr Ayman Nabih whatsapp: +201006606794

Please fill the application provided in the conference’s website: Send FULL PAPER to: No later than 15th of June 2021 print issn 2356-9921 online issn 2356-993x

Arts Education and Future Challenges:

1. Art education for human Capacity building and sustainable development. 2. Strategies of Education and Arts for Special Needs Integrating. 3. The Proactive Participation of the Designated Entities for High Quality Arts Education. 4. The role of Education and Arts in Raising Global Awareness and Contemporary Identity. 5. Targeting Marginalized Communities and Combating Illiteracy through Education and Arts Programs and strategies. 6. Human Capacity Building and Promoting Lifelong Learning through Critical Pedagogy.

Science, technology and sustainable development:

1. Multiculturalism, Citizenship and Sustainable Community Development. 2.Global Awareness and Interpretation of Informational Messages (Visual and Readable). 3.Global Digital Technology and the requirements of Development in the Twenty-First Century. 4.Museum Displays and Virtual Museums a meeting of civilizations. 5. New Digital Technology and Development Requirements in the Twenty-First Century. 6. Supporting competitive productive values and sustainable development. 7. Coding, Decoding and Art Culture.

Arts in the 21st Century and the Future of Education 2050:

1- Art between identity and universal and the fight against extremism ideologies. 2- Art and Mind Developing to Meet the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century. 3- Arts, reconstructing personality and identity. 4- Complementary relationships between arts and sciences and innovation skills. 5- Arts between creativity, creating culture and enhancing life skills. 6- Arts for the well-being of the individual and society.

Art Therapy and Rehabilitation:

1- Art Rehabilitation Strategies and People of Determination. 2- Arts and Children with (Learning difficulties – Autism Spectrum Disorder – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). 3- Art Rehabilitation for Cancer Patients. 4- Art Rehabilitation for Addicts. 5- Art Rehabilitation for Marginalized Groups (Young Mothers – indebted Women – Homeless Children – …). 6- Training of Specialists (Facilitator – Art Teacher – Specialists in Cultural Institutions). 7- The Role of Arts in Occupational Therapy. 8- Arts for Early Detection and Treatment of Behavioral Disorders. 9- Activating the Role of Arts in Rehabilitation Centers. 10- Art and Integrating Children of Determination in Pre-University and University Education. 11- Art Recreation, Exhibitions and Children’s Biennials. 12- Children’s Disorders in times of revolutions and wars. 13- Achieving well-being by Art for Elderly. 14- The Role of Technology in Art Therapy and Rehabilitation.